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  • "What I like most about Urhandscare on a whole is the good standard off care that is provided. It relives me as I wouldn’t be able to look after my husband without the help of Urhandscare. I didn’t know what to expect from Urhandscare as I haven’t used a care provider before but they are very good and on a whole they have met my expectations."

    L. Cole
  • "All of the carers at Urhandscare are very friendly and always have a big smile on their face. Since having Urhandscare come into me, I no longer have to worry about such things I may have had to worry about before such as falling over, so safety wise the service Urhandscare have provided is very beneficial. Keep up the good work."

    Mr. Mike Butcher C&C
  • "Working for Urhandscare Live-in care Specialists is just like having a full-time job. I have had no gaps and the placements they give me always inspire me to do my best!" - Amanda, Clinical Support Worker"

    Amanda Jones Best Solution Care
  • "Urhandscare Ltd has a stable workforce meaning that there is continuity in my dealings with them. I very much feel part of the family." - Jennifer, Home Carer"

    Jennifer Harrison We Care Best